Cuban Medical Brigade in Bolivia: Mission accomplished

The last group of health collaborators arrive in Cuba from Bolivi. Photo: Yoanny Duardo.

HAVANA, Cuba.- Chancellor Bruno Rodriguez and Minister of Public Health Jose Angel Portal received another group of Cuban collaborators who arrived in Havana from Bolivia.

They return with the work done and very high morals, Deputy Minister of Health Alfredo Gonzalez said in the welcome at Jose Marti International Airport, and recognized the members of the brigade for their exemplary behavior in the difficult times they had to face.

When Evo resigned, at that very moment Bolivia began to cry, Dr. Maidalys Bravo said, who recalled that in La Paz it rained non-stop, cold and gray color invaded the landscape and added: The Bolivian is In these conditions today, so are the most humble, the noble people and so we return.

The surgeon from Granma Jose Jorge Sanchez assures that when the roads were blocked, Bolivians made a chain for Cuban doctors to pass and asked them not to leave because they would protect them.

Medical collaboration with Bolivia began in 1985 with the donation of three intensive care rooms for children’s hospitals. Since then and to date, more than 17,000 health professionals have served the Bolivian people.