Cuban Foreign Minister condemns U.S. blockade
HAVANA, Cuba.- Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez assured that if U.S. President Donald Trump wanted to support the people of Cuba, he would have to lift the genocidal blockade.

Rodriguez wrote on his Twitter account that Trump should restore the freedom to travel to Cuba to Americans. The Cuban Chancellor’s words were responses to threats to his country by Trump in his State of the Union address last Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Director General of the Chancellery, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, also stated on Twitter that American politics seeks to harness its immense and asymmetrical power to bring about Cuba’s economic collapse.

The official stated that these actions are a sick dread that a small Caribbean nation could show economic and social success if allowed to live in peace.

Effects of Blockade Reach Families in Cuba

The web site of the Cuban Presidency on Twitter warned that the ultimate goal of America’s aggressive policies is to snatch Cuba’s conquered independence with the sacrifice of its people.

It notes that in its attempt to seize this Caribbean island, Washington resorts to the systematic genocide of the Cuban people. The web site also shares an article on the subject published on Wednesday by Granma newspaper.

The article states that the losses caused to Cuba by the blockade from April 2018 to March 2019 amounted to $4 billion.

Granma further recalls that differet U.S. administrations, over 200 years, have shown a stubborn inability to accept Cuba’s independence and its right to exercise sovereignty and self-determination.