HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 12 (ACN) Cuba maintains its willingness to cooperate to find a solution and hopes that the measures taken under false pretexts will be reversed, Johana Tablada de la Torre, deputy director general for the United States at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX), said referring to a report that proves the falsehood of the accusations against the country as a result of the alleged incidents with U.S. officials in Havana.

The official recalled that the new document does not provide unknown data, as several investigation reports have confirmed the validity of the conclusions of Cuban and U.S. investigators, the FBI team that came to Cuba, as well as the work of the U.S. Academy of Science.

According to the diplomat, the accusation against Cuba confirms the extent of the manipulation of those who decided to use that pretext to impose a setback in the relations between the Caribbean country and the US, which has meant a very high cost for Cuba and for the Cuban family.

On more than one occasion, Cuba has stated that it has no responsibility for the measures that have been taken in recent years and the new information shows that the country has been the victim of unfounded accusations and discriminatory measures, she said.

Tablada also explained that she hopes that the process of clarification will continue, while it would be propitious to leave political manipulation behind and make way for science, cooperation and truth.

The report was released Wednesday and summarizes a series of errors by the Donald Trump administration about the alleged attacks.

Several medical experts have spoken out on the matter over the past few years, including Dr. Mitchel Valdés-Sosa, Director General of the Cuban Neuroscience Center and one of the Cuban experts who participated in the extensive research conducted on the alleged acoustic attacks.

Mitchel Valdés-Sosa has said that there was no coherent explanation for the symptoms manifested by the alleged patients, while arguing that magnifying this can only occur in a climate where there is an interest in deteriorating bilateral relations.

On the other hand, Luis Velázquez Pérez, president of the Cuban Academy of Sciences said that during the last two years incoherent speculations have been made public, even in official sources, with unfounded claims about sonic or microwave attacks against U.S. diplomats, which generated brain damage.
These claims have not survived experimental or theoretical validation, but have generated much unnecessary anxiety and concern.

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