Rome, Italy.-The National Association of Friendship with Cuba in Italy (Anaic) today reasserted here its solidarity with the government and people of the island to the resurgence of the aggressiveness of the U.S. government.

In a statement from its National Secretariat, the Anaic said that it will keep its commitment to support Cuba, both materially as politicallly, in defense of the decisions and the exercise of sovereignty by the Cuban Revolution.

The text states that the news about the measures announced by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, in Miami, ‘we dislike them, but no surprise’ because the nature of that country’s foreign policy inevitably leads to a difficult relationship with the nations that are not subjected to its dictates.

‘With its policy of embargo against Cuba, condemned for 25 consecutive years by the Assembly of the United Nations, United States violates laws international and indeed is isolated from the rest of the world in this matter’, says.

The Anaic reminds that according to a study by the Atlantic Council of three years ago, 56 percent of Americans were in favor of the restoration of normal relations with Cuba, which amounted to 65 percent according to a survey of the Morning Consult, after the measures adopted in December 2015 for the normalization of links between the two nations.

The oldest and most widespread organizations of friendship with the island in Italy, with a presence in all regions of the country, expresses its confidence in that Cuba will be able to respond to any new action directed against its independence without ceding one millimeter in its principles, in the context of international law.