Etiqueta: Pope Francis
27 February, 2020 Eusebio Leal Receives Vatican Recognition

Historian of Havana Eusebio Leal received this Thursday the diploma and toga accrediting him as Honorary Doctor in Legal Sciences and History of Law, by the Pontifical Lateran University of the Vatican.

6 February, 2019 Maduro Reiterates Call to Peace and Dialogue

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, ratified his invitation to dialogue with the opposition in pursuit of national reconciliation, and rejected the interference of the so-called Group of Lima and the United States and their encouragement to a coup d’état.

15 October, 2018 Oscar Arnulfo Romero: The Voice of the Voiceless

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador.- The Archbishop of San Salvador, Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero, canonized this Saturday by Pope Francis, is remembered as the man who dared to defy injustice in his country by becoming the voice of the voiceless. Romero opened the doors of the church to displaced peasants, opposed the oligarchic sectors and took […]

26 June, 2018 Pope Francis Receives French President

VATICAN CITY, Vatican.- Pope Francis received in private audience of almost an hour French President Emmanuel Macron, and gave him the medallion of San Martín de Tours, known for his help to the poor. In giving the president the image of St. Martin de Tours, the Pope said it is a medal made by a […]

2 May, 2018 Pope Francis Salute Mothers of Plaza de Mayo

Pope Francis sent a message to all members of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo on their 41st anniversary, and described them as great fighters who teach the way to go.

23 June, 2017 Italian President Receives Cuban Chancellor

Sergio Mattarella, President of Italia, received this Friday Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez, who thus concluded his official visit of three days to the European country.