Etiqueta: Manuel Marrero.
13 February, 2020 Diaz-Canel Presides Over Check for Power Generation and Tourism

The main indicators of electricity generation in the country during last year, were discussed at a meeting led by the President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel and led by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, and also with the presence of Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdes.

23 December, 2019 China Ready to Bring Ties with Cuba to Higher Levels

China reaffirmed this Monday its strong readiness to take advantage of the 60th anniversary of its ties with Cuba to tie them up through a deeper, more comprehensive and more well-being multispectral cooperation for both peoples.

26 October, 2017 Tourism Recovers after Hurricane Irma

Manuel Marrero, Minister of Tourism, announced the incorporation of Cayo Santamaria facilities, damaged by Hurricane Irma., to the high season on November 1st.