Etiqueta: Ernesto Guevara
13 June, 2018 Che’s Thinking Is Still Valid in Cuba Today

The teachings of Ernesto Guevara´s thought linked to economy and the formation of the new man, were released this Wednesday in Villa Clara, in the opening ceremony of the event titled Che at 90: His Presence in Cuba Today.

1 August, 2017 They Remember in Granma First Che´s Battle as Commander

Residents of Bueycito, a community near the Sierra Maestra, recalled this Monday the 60th anniversary of the attack on the Bueycito barracks, the first action of Ernesto Guevara as commander of the Rebel Army.

12 June, 2017 Honor to Maceo and Che´s Legacy

The labor movement in Matanzas will evoke the legacy of Antonio Maceo and the Heroic Guerrilla with special morning meetings at the 46 workplaces visited by Ernesto Guevara in this province.