Havana, Cuba.- The Head of the Permament Commission for the Economic Implementation and Development of Cuba, Marino Murillo, called Thursday to reach for more participation of the national entities and institutions, while the process for implementation of the different socio-economic guidelines is taking place in Cuba.

Murillo presented the procedures approved for the execution in 2011 to the different MPs at the Havana Convention Center, and explained that the new strategies are speeding the elaboration of proposals until 2021

From the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (2011) to date, more than 200 policies were adopted, including the flexibilization of the private sector, the improvement of the business system and of the local bodies of the Popular Power.

The need to attract foreign investments that contribute to productive linkage and the improvement of credit and tax policies are also part of these actions implemented.

Murillo reiterated that the Commission maintains the leading methodological role and general organizer of the entire implementation process of the Guidelines that began eight years ago.