Havana, Cuba.- More than 16,000-fireworks will be launched by a Canadian company to close the gala to mark the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana this November 16, composer Frank Fernandez confirmed.

The renowned Cuban pianist is part of this initiative, prepared jointly with designer Georges Wade and other experts from Fireworks FX to honor one of the oldest cities of this continent.

The complexity of the proposal lies in the attempt to integrate pyrotechnics and music. The composer noted he had avoided creating an easy piece; it was more important for him to convey elements of the cultural identity of his country.

Although he was not born in Havana, Fernandez came to the capital filled with dreams at the age of 15, a city that opened an almost infinite horizon of possibilities and became a school for the musician who would later win a scholarship to the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Labeling Fernandez with a single musical style would ignore a large part of his career and his contribution to the development of several genres and artists. Fernandez has been arranger, co-arranger, artistic advisor, producer and composer of works for cinema, soap operas, news, spots, series, theater and dance pieces.

‘I never thought I would feel so happy to put music to fireworks and the truth is it wasn’t an aim, nor fashion, it has been a coincidence, because it was not part of my dreams. Everything has been caused by Havana,’ the father of the contemporary Cuban piano school stated.

A fireworks show to the rhythm of music is unprecedented in Cuba and unusual in the world due to its complexity. In addition, as much as it is explained in words, the project holds surprises and the 75-year-old composer is excited by the mystery