Havana, Cuba.- Salvadoran singer and composer Álvaro Torres will conclude today, in this capital, his concert tour with the presentation of his most recent phonogram at the Karl Marx Theater.

Invited by the Company of Recordings and Musical Editions (Egrem), the artist starred in four concerts on the Caribbean island in which he presented the album Álvaro Torres and his good friends, which included important figures of Cuban music.

The album, recorded on the island in 2018, features the musical talent of the Diva of feeling, Omara Portuondo; Pancho Céspedes; Eliades Ochoa, Frank Fernández; Isaac Delgado, Buena Fe, the strings section of the National Symphony Orchestra and the Santiaguero Septet.

Also, Torres invited young exponents of the sound scene in the greater of the Antilles like Leoni Torres; Laritza Bacallao; Luna Manzanares, Juan Guillermo, Waldo Mendoza, Paulo FG, Haila along with the Entrevoces and Tiny Choirs.

The plaque, launched under the Egrem seal, joined in the general production the masters Emilio Vega, Frank Fernández and the composer Orlando Vistel; in as much, it reunites the most popular successes of the Salvadoran vocalist like Espacios vacíos, Mi verdadero amor y Todo se paga.

Torres’ journey on Cuban soil included several performances in the Café of the Hotel Meliá Cohíba, in Havana; the amphitheater of Varadero, in the province of Matanzas; and the Rumayor cabaret, in the city of Pinar del Río.

Member of the Hall of Fame of Latin Composers, Álvaro Torres acted, for the first time, in Cuba during 2011, returned in 2018 and again in February 2019, when he visited neighborhoods whipped by the tornado that affected the Cuban capital in January of this year.