Etiqueta: social justice
4 March, 2020 Evo Morales Thanks Proposal for Nobel Peace Prize

Through Twitter social network, the former president of Bolivia thanked the human rights defender, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, for nominating him for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020.

25 November, 2019 Today More than Ever, Commander-in-Chief, Order!

The steps of the University of Havana will today be home to the cultural political act where thousands of capitals will honor Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro, on the 3rd year of his physical disappearance.

19 June, 2019 Valdes Mesa Meets with Director-General of ILO

The First Vice-President of Cuba, Salvador Valdes Mesa, met this Wednesday in this city with the Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Guy Ryder, at the annual conference of that United Nations agency.

20 March, 2019 French Support General Strike Convened by Unions

A large majority of French support the general strike convened this Wednesday by several unions and student organizations, aimed at expressing opposition to the government and demanding greater social justice.

28 January, 2019 Jose Marti, Tributes to His Memory

On the occasion of the 166th anniversary of Jose Marti’s birth, all over the world the power of his word and his imprint to achieve the independence of Cuba is highlighted.

24 July, 2017 Venceremos Brigade Defies Hostile Policy against Cuba

Defying the policy imposed by the United States, the blockade and the restrictions of travel, 17 members of the Venceremos Brigade were received this Sunday in Julio Antonio Mella International Camp, in the town of Caimito, in Artemisa province.