Evo Morales thanks proposal for Nobel Peace Prize

Perez Esquivel recalled Bolivia was the most impoverished South American country before Morales came to government in 200

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina.- Through Twitter social network, the former president of Bolivia thanked the human rights defender, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, for nominating him for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020.

Morales emphasized that the proposal recognizes the democratic path chosen by the indigenous peasant movement, with the aim of achieving sovereignty, national peace and social justice.

Argentine activist Perez Esquivel said the Bolivian leader led a multi-national, revolutionary and non-violent process to mark a before and after in the life of the Bolivian people; he also highlighted that this must be recognized at the international level.

 “As in the case of Lula, whom I ran for the Nobel last year, Evo is also a symbol of resistance against the new Operation Condor that today makes media coups,” Perez Esquivel wrote on Twitter.