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5 December, 2018 Bolivia Evokes Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

Nelson Mandela’s struggle for peace and his legacy was remembered by Bolivia’s President, Evo Morales, on the fifth anniversary of the physical disappearance of the former South African leader.

13 November, 2018 Women of the World for Full Respect of Their Rights

Until Wednesday, Cuba hosts the meeting of the World Secretariat of the Women´s International Democratic Federation (WIDF), a meeting to update the work of the organization, which celebrates more than seven decades of founded.

7 November, 2018 PLO Warns about Situation in Gaza

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) warned of attempts to impose an economic or humanitarian solution in Gaza Strip, and to separate it from the rest of the Palestinian territory.

2 October, 2018 Tourism Recovery in Nicaragua Progresses

The recovery of tourism in Nicaragua advances with the arrival of foreign visitors and the mobilization of nationals in the country, affected by a failed coup d’état, the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism reports.

25 September, 2018 Cuban President at UN Warns over Threat to World Peace

International peace remains threatened by the philosophy of domination, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel warned today at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit, the high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly.

24 September, 2018 Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel speaks at Nelson Mandela Peace Summit at UN

United Nations, New York.- Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel expressed on Monday Cuba’s disagreement with the philosophy of domination that exists in the world today. As part of his speech during the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit hosted by the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly, the Cuban president explained that “international peace remains threatened […]