Etiqueta: Isle of Youth
14 May, 2020 To Lower Numbers, a Higher Perception of Risk

The news related to Covid-19 in Cuba was again stimulating last Wednesday, with the confirmation of only six cases, the lowest figure since the end of March. . 49 medical discharges granted in the day join to it: a favorable trend consolidating in the country and marks a crucial point in the confrontation with the pandemic.

28 April, 2020 It Is Essential to Maintain All Measures to Curb Pandemic

When a new week of battle begins to COVID-19 in Cuba begins, whose first day brought encouraging news with 20 confirmed cases and 24 medical discharges in the same day, the government continues the daily analysis of the situation in the national territory, which continues on the favorable curve and therefore demands not to lower its guard for a second.

26 June, 2019 Collective Wisdom Enriches Electoral Bill

 A comprehensive and supporter analysis generated this Wednesday the Electoral Bill, as part of the territorial meetings with members to enrich the text prior to its debate and approval in session of the National Assembly of People’s Power.

8 October, 2018 Pinar del Rio and Island of Youth in Cyclone Alert

According to the information from the Forecast Center of the Weather Institute, tropical storm Michael has continued to gain in organization and intensity, so it became a hurricane category one of the Saffir Simpson scale, and continues to approach the Western part of the island.

23 August, 2017 Sweetening Efficiency with Human Effort

Workers linked to the production of bee honey on the Isle of Youth overfulfilled the plan for the first semester and achieved more than 50 tons.