To lower numbers, a higher perception of risk

The Cuban government follows in detail the evolution of the pandemic. Photo/Estudios Revolucion.

HAVANA, Cuba.- The news related to Covid-19 in Cuba was again stimulating last Wednesday, with the confirmation of only six cases, the lowest figure since the end of March. . 49 medical discharges granted in the day join to it: a favorable trend consolidating in the country and marks a crucial point in the confrontation with the pandemic.

In the midst of this situation, which moves between enthusiasm for the favorable numbers and the urgency of not dismantling none of the measures implemented, the President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz led the meeting of the temporary working group for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus, a meeting that has marked the daily agenda of the Cuban Government since the beginning of the third month of this year.

According to Public Health Minister Jose Angel Portal Miranda, just over 5 thousand people remain admitted for the care and surveillance of Covid-19, of them 810 are in hospitals, the rest in isolation centers enabled for contacts, suspects and travelers.

Although statistics associated with the pandemic in the national territory gradually decrease, one of them remains in similar figures every day. It is active research, cornerstone of this battle on the island, and on which Portal Miranda detailed that on the last day more than 4 million 544 thousand people had been reached again; one million 671 thousand 675 of them are older adults.

When tracking local transmission events for the disease, the Public Health Minister said 44 happened and 24 have been closed, as new cases were not confirmed in them. The 20 events remaining active are located in seven provinces and the Isle of Youth, in which reinforcement or quarantine measures have been implemented, based on their complexity.

On this occasion, the highest authorities of Havana again informed the country’s top leadership about the epidemiological situation of the capital, a territory with 873 confirmed cases – the highest figure in the country – and where eight local transmission events are kept open.

In this regard, Governor Reinaldo Garcia Zapata explained that in the last two days the number of PCR diagnostic tests has been above one thousand 200, which goes in line with the decision to deepen the research in the city, where five cases were confirmed this Wednesday.

At the moment, Garcia Zapata added, there are 296 active cases in Havana, although 448 patients are kept in hospitals as suspects or contacts. Hospital occupancy rate is 34%, which has also been falling.

The Governor of Havana reported that since tonight isolation measures are reinforced in La Habana Vieja municipality, where 33 cases have been determined since the epidemic began and that because of its proximity to Centro Habana and its population density requires a different look.

The Provincial Defense Council of Camaguey also render an account at this meeting. In this territory, 47 Covid-19 patients have been confirmed, of them 35 are already recovered, 11 remain admitted and a death is mourned.

As happened the previous week at one of the temporary group´s meetings, Governor of Camaguey Yoseily Gongora Lopez commented on the recovery of Florida municipality, where a severe local storm occurred at the end of April. Amid the confrontation with the pandemic, she explained, 295 of the 500 cases have been solved and the total construction of eleven houses began, which will be delivered on the occasion of July 26.

An important point in this Wednesday’s meeting was up to managers of Tiendas Caribe and Cimex, who explained the work being done to improve e-commerce in the country, which includes increased bandwidth, improved equipment and the reordering of the workforce in charge of this issue.

About the dissatisfactions generated in the population with the delay of orders or the discount of cash without the order being placed, President Diaz-Canel instructed managers of both chains to “take care in the treatment of the people who are affected.”

The Cuban President spoke about the need to build trust with the solutions that will be given, to apologize and not to leave people with uncertainty.

“This we have to keep perfecting, because it came to stay. From now on we have to evolve to have more e-commerce than analogical. It’s one of the things we have to empower,” the Head of State said.

All that is invested in logistics, in the conception of shops, Diaz-Canel reflected, has to be projected more to e-commerce than the traditional one. Although, he clarified, “we will always have to maintain a traditional level of trade because everyone does not have access to those platforms; everyone doesn’t dominate them.”

An important part of our trade will go that way, Diaz-Canel said, which is more comfortable for everyone, and “will give quality in service, will also add value and will further enhance the development of trading on modern platforms.”


Taken from the Presidency of the Republic of Cuba web site