The Revolution will ensure the incorporation of all

Diaz-Canel attended the opening of the ANCI Congress.

HAVANA, Cuba.- With the assistance of the President Miguel Diaz-Canel, the 8th National Congress of the National Association of the Blind (ANCI) was held in Havana.

Diaz-Canel ratified the Revolution’s decision to continue defending and promoting without barriers the incorporation of all the blind or visually impaired into the ideological, economic and social life of the nation, with the contribution of their talent, physical and intellectual abilities.

Delegates highlighted Fidel’s dedication to ANCI’s activities and issued a statement condemning the blockade, the coup d’état to Evo Morales, and the interference against Venezuela and Nicaragua.

The results of the National Council meeting and the strategic plan for the next five-year period will be known at the 8th Congress of the National Association of the Blind, which concludes this Tuesday.