Havana, Cuba.- A historic moment will take place on Monday, when the first online edition of the Capablanca in Memoriam Chess Tournament will be inaugurated.

The crisis caused by the new SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus could not stop the organization of the event, whose classic routine had to be changed after 54 years, and which embraced the new times in a modern and logic system, according to current times.

Five foreign and five Cuban Grand Masters (GM) will take part in the competition in the Elite group.

The foreign players are Eduardo Iturrizaga (Venezuela), Luis Fernando Ibarra (Mexico), Jose Fernando Cuenca (Spain), and Leandro Krysa and Alan Pichot (Argentina), while Cuba will be represented by National Champion Carlos Daniel Albornoz, Isan Ortiz, Yasser Quesada, Omar Almeida and Luis Ernesto Quesada.

The Premier group, made up of women only, includes Cuban Champion Lisandra Ordaz, and Yerisbel Miranda, Lisandra Llaudy and Yaniela Forgas.

The list of participants also includes Maria Florencia Fernandez (Argentina), Martha Fierro (Ecuador), Sabrina Vega (Spain), Ingris Rivera (Colombia) and Sophie Milliet (France). The latter has an Elo score of 2,401 points, the highest among the female competitors.

The competition will be held in three-minute games on the www.lichess.org platform.