Havana, Cuba.- The president of the Federation of Latin American Journalists (FELAP), Juan Carlos Camaño, said in Havana on Monday that the organization pleads for the defense of truth and social justice.

FELAP is currently playing a substantive role in this complex panorama, bringing together all press workers who claim to express and have a commitment to their societies, Camaño told Prensa Latina at Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

FELAP is present at a difficult time in the lives of our peoples and the profession, and is attentive to the attacks and killings of journalists as occurs in Mexico and other countries to a lesser extent, such as Honduras and Guatemala, Camaño said.

Brazil also has a difficult situation to exercise our work, stated the communicator who participates in the International Forum of Latin American Journalism sponsored by Prensa Latina.

In the current context, in which the peoples suffer injustices, journalists also suffer because we are part of them and FELAP is there, the executive stressed.

The International Forum on Latin American Journalism ends on Tuesday and takes place on occasion of the 60th anniversary of Operation Truth.

Operation Truth was a meeting of 400 foreign journalists in Havana when the Revolution was 20 days old, so that they could have first-hand information about the trials of criminals of war from the overthrown dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, amid lies about that process.