Havana city, Cuba.- A session of debates and proposals on the challenges of science in Cuba for the development of society will end on Friday after four days of meetings among academics, researchers, professors and students of this country.

Issues such as sustainable development, economy, culture, education, technology, innovation and scientific thinking focused these reflections that were the starting point to draw up a final document.

Dr. Agustin Lage Davila, BioCubaFarma advisor and one of the speakers at the meeting, told Prensa Latina that a set of ideas from the scientific community will emerge from this event, which should serve as a basis for executive functions and decision-making in society.

The workshop started on November 3 at the University of Havana, under the theme ‘Sciences in the construction of Cuban society and culture.’

This workshop marks the 25th anniversary of the Don Fernando Ortiz House of High Studies interdisciplinary center. This institution has been dedicated to teach and study the 19th-century Cuban classical thinkers.