Glass containers are more accepted.

Glass containers are more accepted.

Illinois, USA – Global campaign Glass is Life aiming to highlight the advantages and benefits of glass vs. other packaging, conducted a survey among consumers of various materials and concluded glass tops the preferences’ list in many categories. They also said glass is the most eco-friendly packaging.

Based on a telephone survey among one thousand American consumers this year, key study revelations say that when consumers compare glass, plastic, metal, cardboard containers and flexible bags, glass tops the list of preferences in many categories.

When asked what the ecological packaging was, the respondent answered glass (37%); cardboard boxes (30); plastics (15%); metal (10%) and flexible bags (6%).

When consumers were asked what kind of container they prefer when they buy their favorite food or drink the highest percentage (69%) chose glass.

Besides, 90% consider glass to be the healthiest container since it is not filtered into the product. Eighty five % of respondents said food and beverages have a better taste in glass, and 81% agreed that glass containers look more attractive on the shelf.

The Owens-Illinois (O-I) Organization uses these statistics to support its first global campaign to advocate for glass, called Glass is life. It is the most important global campaign of the year, launched in 12 countries and 7 languages. It is designed to show the unique and unmatched qualities of glass containers used to store food and beverages.

Taken from: Eco-portal