One for all, all for one

Cuba needs everyone in the fight against Covid-19.

HAVANA, Cuba.- How difficult it is for Cubans to be without kissing, or embracing, but life, or rather this new coronavirus, has imposed on us a reality that temporarily transforms our way of being.

Now, starting today, the country will be semi-isolated with regulations that will be applied at ports and airports to prevent the entry of infected people and the departures of some irresponsible.

Borders will be open only for the departure of tourists, which are becoming less and less, and for the necessary trade because we have an economy very dependent on imports.

From this Tuesday, the government will implement a group of measures that may seem even restrictive, but whose aim is to break a possible chain of contagion that would be dire for everyone. But as important as decreeing them is to comply with them or enforce them.

Responsible Awareness

Despite constant calls from health authorities, there are people who have just not understood the severity of the new pandemic.

The country is making a colossal effort amid the economic deficiencies burdening us to protect everyone’s lives, so it is irresponsible to walk the streets carelessly or go to the beach at the weekend.

What we face is not to play around and we must be aware of the threat posed by an epidemic that has claimed thousands of lives across the planet. Nor does that mean you have to be alarmist, but to comply with the established and trust in our health system, that has proven its effectiveness in other circumstances.

The important thing now is to understand that each depends on everyone and everyone depends of each.