Ninth Congress of the  CDR, 2018.

HAVANA, Cuba.- The joint work of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) related to voluntary blood donations and the anti-vector campaign was evaluated in the Ninth Congress of the organization, at the Convention Palace of Havana.

In the commission number two on ideological work and tasks of support to economy, the head of the National Blood Program of the MINSAP, Luis Enrique Perez, recognized the essential of the CDR in the fulfillment of this altruistic and solidarity task.

The delegates insisted on achieving greater systematic and joining members to the Youth Detachments of Voluntary Blood Donors, one of the noblest assignments of the Cuban family organization.

The Ninth Congress of CDR called for improve the differentiated work for families to gain awareness of their responsibility in the realization of the correct vector control in order to combat Aedes aegypti mosquito and prevent diseases such as dengue.

For More Combativeness

The delegates to the Ninth Congress of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution called to confront indiscipline and illegalities with more combativeness to strengthen the citizen tranquility.

In the Commission number three on vigilance and prevention, the National Coordinator of the CDR, Carlos Rafael Miranda, said it is necessary to prevent with the integrated work of all the organizations to confront also the consumption of drugs.

Flavia Guilarte, delegate for Havana, said it is imperative to seek out initiatives that stimulate unity in order to avert obstacles that may hinder the confrontation of negative behaviors affecting the revolutionary principles.

On the first day of the Congress the delegates reflected on vigilance and work of the Facing the Sea Detachments, a movement that preserves security on the Cuban coast.