Camagüey, Cuba.- The mines Chrome Camagüey, Gold Jacinto and Golden Hill are today vital fields in the exploitation of minerals rich in silver and gold, under the management of Enterprise Geominera Camagüey, in this central-eastern Cuban region.

The projects located in the most extensive region of the country with 16,000 square kilometers, has today wide prospects of exploitation of minerals rich in silver and gold, besides medicinal mineral waters, especially in the geography of Ciego de Avila, Camagüey and Las Tunas provinces.

The project has been promoted since 2011 in collaboration with the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA in Spanish), in Golden Hill, municipality of Jobabo, Las Tunas province: Actions have been taken to improve geological research, exploitation, processing, transportation and marketing of these types of minerals.

Ofelia Perez, president of the Cuban Geology Society in Camagüey, told the media mining development requires high-technology for field and laboratory research, drilling and exploitation of mineral deposits.

However, the U.S. blockade on Cuba prevents more investments in the mines which only in the case of Golden Hill, specialists presume a decade in exploitation.

In the case of Golden Hill, researchers estimate this year it is possible to mine some 111 kilograms of gold, from pits in Mantua, west of the island, to El Cobre, in the Eastern Santiago de Cuba.

Despite being far from the world biggest exporters of gold, its deposits would allow Cuba to obtain profits at a moment when the ounce troy of gold is quoted in the world market for about 1,300 U.S. dollars.

Key beneficiaries of gold exploitation are the power, glass, aeronautics and computer industries.

Gold mining in Cuba has a notable tradition in towns whose economy depended on mining centuries ago, mostly in colonial and neocolonial times. However, scientific research after the triumph of the Revolution, gave new life to the sector in the Greater Antilles.

The Geominera Camagüey enterprise, offers multiple services such as Topography, Drilling, Geological research to Cuban companies, besides physical, chemical and mechanical laboratory tests.