Fidel Castro.

Six months have passed after Fidel Castro´s death, so the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC) pay homage to him with the launching of the text I Am Fidel: Political and Economic Thought.

The book, coordinated by Ramon Labañino and Italian scholar Luciano Vasapollo, great friend of Cuba, reflects Fidel´s figure from different edges, while highlights the policy of principles of the Revolution.

This text has among its pretensions make the presence of Fidel in the mind and in the heart of all Cubans, because for me, Fidel is love, Ramon Labañino, vice-president of ANEC, said.

Visibly excited, Dr. Vasapollo remarked the example of Fidel for the world, and assured that the undefeated commander is a patrimony, not only of Cuba, but also of humanity.