Act of revolutionary reaffirmation with Venezuela.

Act of revolutionary reaffirmation with Venezuela.Photo: Roberto Garaicoa Martínez/Cubadebate.

HAVANA, Cuba. – A march of solidarity with Venezuelans, starring by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples (ICAP) and the Venezuelan Embassy, was held in Havana in support of that nation and as a complaint for the threats of intervention by the U.S. government.

The slogans Chavez lives, Venezuela is not alone and Yankee outside Venezuela identified the clamor of the participants, who departed from the House of the Americas and carried out the ceremony in front of Liberator Simon Bolívar´s statue on the Avenue of Presidents.

Ali Rodriguez Araque, Ambassador of Venezuela in Cuba, said the internal and external sectors trying to defeat the Bolivarian Revolution will fail in their attempt.

The diplomat added the threats of military aggression from the empire to his country do not frighten the people, who are willing to defend their homeland at any price.

Fidel and Chavez, Guides of the Venezuelan people

In the act of revolutionary reaffirmation with Venezuela, in front of the statue of Bolivar in Havana, President of ICAP Fernando Gonzalez denounced the imperial maneuvers against the Bolivarian people.

The Hero of the Republic of Cuba said the world knows that Venezuela is no threat to anyone in Latin America and its people work for peace and development of the nation. He reaffirmed the support of the Cuban people to their Venezuelan brothers.

Gonzalez added that today more than ever the thought and work of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are present as a strategic weapon in the defense of the sovereignty of our Latin American peoples.