Cuban women, firm column of the Fatherland.

Cuban women, firm column of the Fatherland.

HAVANA, Cuba. – Fifty seven years have passed and community work, its functioning and essence continue prevailing. But what did the Revolution´s triumph and the founding of the Federation of Cuban Women on August 23, 1960 mean?

From that moment on, under the guidance of Fidel and Vilma, programs and public policies were approved that promoted the access of women to salaried work, without any kind of discrimination. In addition, it fostered its economic independence and increased incorporation into the policy and performance of management responsibilities.

Many have been the achievements of the organization created 57 years ago, because today the Cuban women have autonomy and this is reflected in society.

Marianas of Our Time

The Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), throughout these 57 years has promoted health prevention from grassroots, with emphasis on programs dedicated to women: maternal and child, maternity and responsible parenthood, prevention of communicable diseases, as well as pregnancy in adolescence.

It has also maintained actions of prevention and social attention, with the essential role of the Houses of Orientation to Woman and Family.

Cuban women are widely represented in today’s society, for example, in the health sector, the vast majority are doctors and many have internationalist missions.

At 57 years after the FMC was created, the statement by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro is reaffirmed: “Woman is a revolution within the revolution.”