Havana, Cuba.- A meeting of permanent working commissions of the National People’s Power Assembly (Parliament) of Cuba analyzed some of the new issues on the country’s legislative agenda on Tuesday.

Issues such as the policy for women empowerment, housing, trade of agricultural products and medicines were discussed through videoconference by the lawmakers, according to a report broadcast on Cuban Television.

The head of the Parliament’s Commission for Children, Youth and Equality and Women’s Rights, Arelys Santana, informed on the recent verification carried out in each territory on issues such as recreation, care for infertile couples and prevention of gender violence.

‘Our contribution to the review of the latest legal regulations that extend the benefits to women in care at work, day-care centers and measures for their labor participation has been very important,’ she assured.

Meanwhile, the head of the Economic Affairs Commission stressed the need to strengthen control of the State budget.

‘It is essential to monitor the economic and social strategy of the country and, within it, each of the approved measures and policies, such as the improvement of the socialist State enterprise and the marketing of agricultural products,’ she said.

The meeting allowed checking the preparation of parliamentarians amid the legislative changes after the approval of the new Constitution, with special attention on the opinions of the population.