Cuba welcomes its physicians with admiration and respect.

HAVANA, Cuba.- The Fatherland welcomes you with dignity because you express the highest feelings of loyalty, commitment, dedication and devotion to one of the most humane tasks: saving lives, Vice- Minister of Public Health Luis Fernando Navarro said at the welcome ceremony this Tuesday morning in Havana to collaborators who participated in the More Doctors Program in Brazil.

In the welcome ceremony, chaired by the Minister of Public Health, Jose Angel Portal Miranda, Navarro highlighted that in the South American nation they gave the world a worthy example of human detachment and high professionalism.

At Terminal Nr. 3 of Jose Marti International Airport, the Vice- Minister thanked collaborators for the selfless delivery with which they helped unprotected families, cured the sick who did not have access to health services and provided solidarity and human warmth to thousands of people.

Navarro said: When you come home, you will find the embrace of family and friends and the solidarity of a whole people who welcome you with great admiration and respect.

On behalf of the collaborators, Dr. Karelia Arevalo emphasized they arrived in Brazil with the desire to provide services where they were needed, and added: We make the difference and often with emotion we hear saying I only want to be cared for by the Cuban doctor.

Our work in the South American nation closes with results that neither the enemies of the More Doctors Program can ignore, because we have transformed health indicators and improved the quality of life of millions of Brazilians, the doctor said.

Arevalo recalled excitedly the possibility she had to take care in Brazil of Mrs. Clara, 82, hypertensive and diabetic, with amputation of the right inferior member due of the same disease and who used controlled drugs.

Before the arrival to her health post she was always unbalanced, but Karelia returned to the motherland with the satisfaction of knowing she is under control and with a higher quality of life.

Dr. Arevalo will not forget her patients Juan Jose and Carla, two children living in front of her health post, who came to her consultation due a viral picture and after their recovery gave her a hug daily.

How much happiness I received from those families who mourned my departure!, Karelia added, and also thanked, on behalf of all the collaborators, to their fellow countrymen that abandoned many of their daily tasks these days to ensure the return to Cuba of the health professionals.