Havana, Cuba.- The Cuban Government called on the international community and US citizens to stop the escalation of aggressions by the White House, which is betting on tightening the economic blockade of the Caribbean island.

On Wednesday night, in a statement from the Revolutionary Government, Cuba described the Donald Trump Government’s hostile policy as irrational, and recalled its isolation regarding the blockade it has imposed on Havana for nearly six decades.

‘The member States of the United Nations, with all reason year after year, demand almost unanimously an end to that economic warfare,’ the Government said in response to Washington’s new measures to make Cuba yield.

Yesterday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, a law approved in 1996 to seek a regime change in Cuba using economic asphyxiation as a spearhead.

That title allows filing lawsuits in US courts on properties nationalized by the Cuban revolutionary government, in an effort to stop access to foreign investment, by accusing partners of ‘trafficking’ with ‘confiscated’ assets.

For its part, National Security Advisor John Bolton announced additional measures to weaken Cuba by reducing the remittances sent by Cuban residents in the United States to their relatives.

Bolton also announced more travel restrictions to US citizens, who are banned from traveling to Cuba as tourists.

The Cuban Government condemned Washington’s growing hostility and predicted its failure.

In addition to urging the world to stop the White House’s aggressiveness, Cuba particularly called on the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to keep the region as a peace zone for the benefit of all.

On Wednesday, the Trump administration also stepped up its pressure on Venezuela and Nicaragua, where it also plans to impose regime changes.

Cuba noted that this stance is part of the imperial appetite resulting from the implementation of the Monroe Doctrine for regional domination.

In light of the new measures, President Miguel Diaz-Canel responded that Cuba will neither surrender not will accept laws to rule its destiny.

‘In Cuba, we Cubans rule. Cuba is confident in its forces and in our dignity,’ the president noted on his Twitter account.