HAVANA, Cuba.- At the closing of the constitutive session of the ninth legislature of the Parliament, the first Secretary of the Party, Army General Raul Castro highlighted that this coincided with the date on which, 57 years ago, Cuba won the victory in Playa Giron and gave to imperialism its first major defeat in Latin America.

He recognized the work of the electoral and candidacy commissions at all levels, as well as the institutions that supported the general election process.
Raul referred to the valuable trajectory of elected President Miguel Diaz-Canel, since he graduated as an electronic engineer at the Marta Abreu Central University in Las Villas.

“We do not doubt that due to his virtues, experience and dedication to work, he will have absolute success in the task our superior body of State power entrusted HIM,” the Army General said.

The Most important Thing: Leaving an Example

“The electoral process had a massive citizen participation in a more supportive example of the Revolution and our socialist democracy,” the First Secretary of the Party, Raul Castro, remarked.

He recalled that the sixth Congress of the Party approved the proposal of limiting the performance of the fundamental political and State positions to a maximum of two consecutive periods of five years, and in was ratified by the seventh Congress.

Raul said that although this limitation has not been introduced into the Constitution, a question they hope will be established within the framework of its reform, since he assumed his second term as President he said it would be the last, which he ratified when stated that from today Cuba would have a new President.

He asserted it was not necessary to wait for a constitutional reform to fulfil the word and act accordingly, the most important thing was to leave an example.

Youth as Protagonist in Defending its Revolution

The First Secretary of the Party, Raul Castro, referred to the permanent bets of the enemies of the Revolution to penetrate, confuse, divide and alienate our combative youth from the ideals, history, culture and work built since 1959.

“These plans,” he said, “are doomed to failure, because throughout history Cuban youth has been the protagonist in defending their socialist revolution.”

Raul ratified in the Parliament the confidence in the new generations, with the conviction that they will be zealous guardians of the postulates of the concept of Revolution by Fidel.

He added that “it is up to the Party, the State and the Government to fulfill the policy of promoting, intentionally and with due graduality, young people, women, blacks and mestizos to decision-making positions, to guarantee the creation of the reservoir of our main leaders.”