Havana, Cuba.- The mayor of the city of Mobile, in Alabama, Sandy Stimpson, ratified his desire to improve relations between the United States and Cuba.

In dialogue with Cuban press, Stimpson commented that there are stories that connect both sides and he realized they are not taking advantage of economic opportunities. For him, it is necessary to find a way to bridge that gap and do business with each other.

He stated that he already knows Cuba as a tourist and learned from its people and culture of the Caribbean island. He emphasized that if he would return to Havana, he would do so as part of some effort in the direction of rapprochement between the two countries.

Stimpson, in office since 2013, traveled to the Cuban capital in 2016. On that occasion he referred to the great opportunities for exchanges with Cuba and called for an end to the restrictions that prevent a greater flow.

Alabama has been one of the pioneer states in trade with Cuba since that possibility opened in the early 2000s, being one of the main suppliers of chicken for national consumption.

The sale of food and some agricultural products to Cuba from the United States was authorized by a legislative provision, but it had markedly discriminatory treatment, because these sales are in cash and in advance, with a prohibition on the granting of commercial credits.