Ottawa, Canada.- The International Conference Che Guevara arrives at its seventh edition and its organizers summon all those interested in the topic to attend the venue, indicated the hosts.

The event will be in session from October 27 thru 29, in territories of indigenous groups, informed the Organization Communities of Vancouver in Solidarity with Cuba.

This international conference ius an opportunity to discuss and debate the ideas of the Cuban Revolution, its dynamics and how its example has impacted in Latin America and the rest of the world, highlighted a press release.

Being 2017 the year of two important anniversaries: 50 years of the death of guerrilla Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and the centennial of the Russian Revolution, both dates will focus the debates in Vancouver.

Under the slogan ‘From the Russian Revolution to the Cuban Revolution, questions of the leadership and implementation of the socialist project’, there will be conferences, workshops, presentations and projection of audiovisuals at the Russian Hall.

Intellectuals, diplomats and artists of several countries -as Cuba, Venezuela, United Kingdom and Canada, among others- will participate in those panels and meetings.

Before the theoretical session, on October 27, there will be a concert to collect funds which will be sent to Cuba in order to help the victims of hurricane Irma last September.

One of the special guests will be renowned Singer-author Gerardo Alfonso, whose compositions drink from several sonorities throughout the Caribbean and unite to its popular and urban roots.

Although the performance will be free, organizers promote donations to the Canadian Network of Solidarity with Cuba, funds that will be destined to reconstruction of zones harmed by Irma.

Since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution -in 1959- and until the present, the vision and political ideas that inspired that deed are still source of inspiration, discussion and debate all over the world, says the Vancouver Organization in solidarity with the Caribbean island.

Cuba stands out for its achievements in health, education, culture, science and many other fields, despite living for 50 years submitted to an inhuman and criminal blockade by the United States, added the entity.

From the beginning, in the International Conference Che Guevara it has been debated on a wide variety of topics, such as revolutionary internationalism and the socialist projects in progress.