Mexico City, Mexico.- Delegates of 100 political organizations from 40 nations attending the international seminar of Mexico”s Workers Party have spoken out in support of Venezuela and Cuba, and repudiated Trump administration”s hostile policies against them.

The forum under slogan ‘Parties and a New Society’ winds up on Sunday three days of debate on current issues, particularly the US aggression on Venezuela, Washington’s blockade on Cuba and the threat to peace in Colombia and the Middle East, and the labor and economic crisis neoliberal governments are causing.

After hearing and discussing 150 presentations, academicians, political scientists, leaders of political, social and labor organizations, economists and communicators passed 15 resolutions on concrete actions of solidarity and condemnation of US hostile policies.

The most recent hostile action the Trump administration has been to impose sanctions on tankers bringing crude oil from Venezuela to Cuba to further harden the blockade and deprive the island from needed supplies of hydrocarbons. Participants at the seminar termed such decisions crimes of humanity.

One of the resolutions demand the immediate and unconditional release of Brailian former president and outstanding political leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Argentenian social leader Milagros Salas and other political prisoners in Latin America, the US and other countries.

Among other conclusions, attendees demanded guarantees for the security of Julian Assange and repudiated Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno for having betrayed the progressive movement.