Havana, Cuba.- The 9th International Meeting on Rights and Justice will be celebrated here in the Cuban capital from May 23 to 25, with the participation of 600 Cuban and foreign delegates, it was announced in a press released here Wednesday.

Ruben Remigio Ferro, president of the Cuban Supreme Popular Court of Justice, said that the objective of the meeting is to ‘keep the debate, reflections and exchange of experiences between the different operators of judicial systems in the respective countries.’

Up to Wednesday, the presence of 125 lawyers from 27 countries of the world is confirmed.

In the list, the names of countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Sweden, Russia, US, Venezuela and South Africa are included and confirmed, said the Cuban specialist.

Important personalities such as Dr. Sergio Foà, professor at the University of Torino, Italy; Professor Roberto Viciano, from the University of Valencia, Spain; and the director of the Center for Studies in Criminal Policy and Criminal Sciences of Mexico, Moisés Moreno, will attend this event.

The event will be celebrated in the Havana Convention Center, ratified as a scientific-juridical space of great prestige at the national and international level, Ferro said.

He also added that among the main issues to be discussed will be constitutional law, the rights of children and disabled people, gender approaches and administrative rights.

For her part, the Director of Training and Development of the Supreme People’s Court of Cuba, Rufina Hernández, stressed that the legislative changes on the island are also related to the transforming reality the country is now facing.

He stressed that other important factors to take into account for the discussions on the Cuban side are population aging, the alternatives of agreements between family conflicts and gender problems, ‘in a sector where the majority of the workforce is formed by women’.

A total of 28 lectures will be held, around 40 papers, more than 20 panels and seven special interventions.