aleman vice cancilerHavana, Cuba.-German Federal State Foreign Affairs Minister Maria Bohmer met here Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, in a dialogue in which both governmental officials ratified their mutual interest in strenghtening the links between Cuba and Germany.

At the host building of the Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry in Havana, both officials highlighted the state of the bilateral relations and illustrated their will to harden the solidness of sectors of common interest.

German Minister Bohmer also got interested in consolidate the dialogie between the Foreign Affairs Ministries of Germany and Cuba, so, she met Cuban Foreign Affairs Vice Minister Rogelio Sierra and revised the state of the bilateral agenda with Sierra.

Both officials confirmed the disposition to consolidate dialogues between the two national ministeries, and verified the existing potential for developing commercial, economic and cooperation links.

The German Ambassador in Havana, Thomas Neisinger, and regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dieter Lamlé, participated in the meeting.

Meanwhile, on the Cuban side, Elio Rodríguez, director of Europe and Canada, and other officials of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

The visit of the German diplomatic reasserts the interest of that nation to expand its presence in the island now that there are more opportunities for foreign investment in sectors of the local economy.

Last month, 12 companies of the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg executives held meetings with Cuban Government officials, who expressed their interest in opening joint ventures in areas such as construction, transport, health services and the industry.