United Nations, United States.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said that the consensus against the US blockade against Cuba is unanimous at the United Nations, in an interview with Telesur in New York.

The speech of the Cuban Minister at the General Assembly was postponed to Thursday, but at the end of the day, he thanked the permanent representatives of the different countries, multilateral organisms and organizations for their interventions.

In statements to Telesur, he emphasized that the most significant thing is that 31 delegations spoke and there was not one that supported the U.S. siege, emitted any questioning in the matter of Human Rights or touched on the issue of Sustainable Development Objectives to summon Cuba.

He also pointed out that what happened in the UN New York room demonstrated overwhelming support for the eradication of the blockade and a complete rejection of the amendments presented by Donald Trump’s government.

At the same time, he denounced that the presence in the hall of delegates of the U.S. mission and its State Department was remarkable, who exerted direct and even almost public pressure against the representatives of the different member states and other officials of the United Nations General Secretariat.

“The State Department has tried to impose the United States discourse for the presentation of amendments by interrupting the general debate aimed at forcing consideration of the amendments not at the end as it should be, not after Cuba’s discourse, not after the formal presentation of the resolution, but before,” denounced the Chancellor.

Thus, it is clear that they try to boycott the resolution, sabotaging the decision making on it so that some countries support their amendments with the illusion of leaving this meeting with a pretext to tighten the blockade to present to the world the idea that there are nations that support them.

“They persist in their error, but the regional consensus against the blockade is solid and unanimous,” he said.