Hemispheric dialogue in Peru

Photo: From Trabajadores newspaper

LIMA, Peru.- The political declaration of the second Forum of the Cuban Civil Society, categorically underlines the approaches presented by the representatives of Cuba in the hemispheric dialogue in Peru, preparatory to the eighth Summit of the Americas.

The approved text exposes the rejection to the presence in Lima of mercenaries at the service of foreign organizations, and demands the United States Government to lift the blockade.

The political declaration of the second Forum of Civil Society Thinking America, read by the president of the Cuban Association of United Nations, Fermin Quinones, repudiates the imperial claim to impose the postulates of the Monroe Doctrine.

At the same time, the document supports the people and Government of Venezuela, denounces any attempt of aggression against any nation in the region, and calls to respect the principles of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a zone of peace.