Havana, Cuba.-The Secretary General of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), June Soomer, has verified during his visit to Cuba the strengthening of relations between the Caribbean nation and the rest of the Caribbean countries.

Soomer held talks with Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, in which she acknowledged and thanked Cuba’s support to the ACS and highlighted Fidel Castro’s contribution to the Caribbean integration.

The Senegalese diplomat also met with the Deputy Foreign Minister, Rogelio Sierra, and revised the ACS agenda with a view to the 22nd Ordinary Meeting of the Ministerial Council of the organization, to be held in March in Havana.

She also participated in the opening ceremony of the 10th International Conference of the Caribbean Chair at the University of Havana, where she gave a keynote speech at the Main Lecture hall of that higher education center.

Soomer also attended the central act for CARICOM-Cuba Day, during which, in a speech on the Cuban-Caribbean relations, she confirmed the support of the regional countries to Cuba in their claims for the cessation of the blockade.

The Santa Lucia diplomat has been the first woman to occupy the general secretariat of the ACS, a position she has held since June this year, after the meeting of foreign ministers of the 7th Summit of this body, held in Havana.