26 March, 2018 Cuba Celebrates Brain Awareness Week

With several activities at a national level, Cuba is celebrating the Brain Awareness Week today, aimed at raising awareness and informing the population about mental disorders and neurological diseases.

23 January, 2018 Calixto 2018 Convention Begins in Cuba

The International Convention, Calixto 2018, began today in this capital with the participation of representatives of more than 15 countries to update the scientific results at a national and foreign level.

14 December, 2017 How to reduce high cholesterol and healthy recipes for your control

M.Sc. Dr. Alberto Quirantes Master of Science and Consulting Professor Head of the Endocrinology Service Teaching Hospital Dr. Salvador Allende Havana Cuba Excess cholesterol can affect our health. When high cholesterol levels are found, there is a higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases … In the medium and long term, high levels of blood […]