Havana, Cuba.- Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel reiterated today the call for social discipline after the country announced the beginning of the limited native transmission phase of the new coronavirus, which caused Covid-19.

The president said on his Twitter account that in view of the new epidemiological stage, Cuba is taking extreme measures, but he explained the need to ‘vaccinate ourselves with the only thing we have so far: discipline, cooperation and solidarity. That is the vaccine of this time.

The head of state also echoes a comment published Wednesday in the Granma newspaper under the title Rigorous care to avoid regrets, which refers to the importance of complying with health measures or otherwise the irresponsible will have to face the consequences of their actions before the law.

Following the confirmation of cases not connected to travelers who arrived from abroad in small towns or institutions, the Cuban authorities are going to extremes the protocol to stop the spread of the Covid-19.

The steps to be taken include the adoption of quarantines at specific locations, the expansion of laboratory capacity as well as the availability of beds in hospitals and particularly in intensive care units.

Also, the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption in stores is suspended, as well as the closure of bars and restaurants, and the authorization of the latter for the production of take-away food.

Similarly, each territory must assess the working activities that are not essential for their temporary closure and instead, the main economic activities.

The nation’s Public Health Ministry announced on Tuesday 46 new confirmed cases with the Covid-19, the highest number recorded since the first reports.

The nation has accumulated 396 patients positive for the disease caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, 1,752 admitted under epidemiological surveillance, of which 1,182 are suspected.