Havana, Cuba.-Cuba is celebrating today the World Human Milk Donation Day arranging the final details to open a tenth specialized center for this noble purpose.

Ana Lilia Triana, head of the human milk banks project in the country, stated that the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund, is working in this effort.

The Brazilian Cooperation Agency and the Ibero-American Program of Human Milk Banks join to this initiative, the specialist in Neonatology said.

Triana insisted on the need to encourage greater integration of donor mothers for the benefit of all newborn children requiring that food.

About 3,292 mothers, and the 1,256 chosen as donors, received help and advice in breastfeeding.

The doctor said that with the existence of those human milk banks and a greater integration of conscious mothers, it will be posible to guarantee optimal nutrition for premature infants and babies weighing less than 1,500 grams.