Rome, Italy.- The tour of the National Circus of Cuba by Italian cities will be an excellent opportunity to transmit to the public of this country the happiness, joy, rhythm and color of the Caribbean island, stated the organizers.

A cast of 52 top-rate perform in the show titled ‘Hymn to Joy’, in which circus art is mixed with other manifestations such as music, singing and dance, in 12 suggestive acts.

The show begins with the figurative trip to the Island of two charming characters, who once on the plane and after adjusting the seat belts, land in a magical world, full of rhythm, colors and energy.

For the managers of the company responsible for the journey that will run from today until January 28 in Rome, the public will be surprised to not see the traditional clowns or jugglers, but an intense show, full of fascination, warmth, rhythm and artistic excellence.

At a press conference held at the Cuban embassy to the Italian State, the director of Zoopis Productions, Heidi Faggioni, informed that the tour, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the diplomatic mission of the island, will also include the cities of Milan, Turin, Catania, Palermo and Naples.