Paris, France.- Cuban First Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Martha del Carmen Mesa, has supported at UNESCO the adoption of a World Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications at university level, which would help strengthen cooperation in the sector.

According to diplomatic sources, when speaking on the Education Committee at the 39th General Conference of UNESCO, the representative of the Caribbean nation stated that such an agreement would improve academic mobility and strengthen international cooperation in the field of higher education.

The results of the discussions held at UNESCO will represent an important step towards global academic mobility and confidence in higher education systems, she added.

For Cuba, what is settled around the aforementioned Convention is the defense of an education for sustainable development; the promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence; world citizenship; the appreciation of cultural diversity, as well as the contribution of culture to sustainable development, she stated.

The deputy minister also called the attention to the need for a review of regional agreements related to the same subject, as an important contribution of each area to the new challenges of the tertiary education.

According to the statement, the social, humanistic and moral purposes and principles Cuba defends in higher education, correspond to the aspiration that education contributes not only the fulfillment of individual and national aspirations, but also making the world a better place for humanity.

The Education Commission is taking place within the framework of the 39th General Conference of UNESCO, which began last week and will run until November 14.