Havana, Cuba.- Havana Creative Spaces, a cultural experimentation laboratory today maintains the call for new creative residencies aimed at young people in Cuba.

Attached to the Office of the Historian of Havana, the project privileges alliances with relevant institutions such as the National Council for Performing Arts, the National Center for Medical Genetics and the Union of Computer Scientists for the realization of said residencies.

The creative opportunities aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 35 will allow access to training and advice, as well as technical support and exchange with experts to carry out the different proposals.

In the case of the performing arts, artists residing in the national territory who are graduates of academic schools or with self-taught training and experience in any of its manifestations may apply. For its part, the residency for new media invites programmers and designers, professionals or not, to create a mobile application for personalized health promotion and prevention in the country.

As part of the Country Initiative for the development of Personalized Medicine and Omic Sciences in Cuba, the application will offer the user the opportunity to build the family genealogical tree with their active participation, added to a glossary of possible frequent chronic diseases.

In this modality, Habana Creative Spaces offers another residency that will allow the accompaniment of initiatives related to design, program, sound art, animation or video games, during which winners will have at their disposal equipment and technical means available.

Similarly, the academic research residence seeks to promote studies on the cultural and creative ecosystem of Old Havana, in order to update policies of the territory and aim at researchers from all over the country.

Among the main thematic lines are the inventory of resources in the Historic Center of Havana for the development of Cultural and Creative Industries; good practices in undertakings in Old Havana, as well as cultural tourism in heritage environments.