Paris, Francia.- Cubans and French expressed their interest in working together to expand and reinforce the historic bilateral relations, was released in a meeting organized by the Cuba Cooperation France Association (CubaCop).

French politicians, businessmen and friends of the Caribbean nation attended the busy evening held last night in the halls of the Cercle de l’Union Interalliée, in this capital, in order to mobilize efforts from the different economic and business actors in France to enhance the ties of cooperation with the island.

This was stated by the president of Cubacop, Víctor Fernández, who said that the association continues and will continue alongside Cuba to contribute to its development.

In this regard, he maintained that the Caribbean country is moving forward despite a negative context, marked by the economic blockade imposed by the United States, the new strengthening of measures taken by President Donald Trump, and the recent passage of the devastating Irma hurricane.

Fernandez recalled that during 2017 CubaCop deployed numerous work projects in sectors such as health, culture, and sanitation, and mentioned examples such as the signing of the agreement to start the work of restoration of the facade of the theater Tomás Terry, the central city of Cienfuegos.

He also explained that for the next few years he is already working on new initiatives such as the one titled ‘Victor Hugo, messenger of peace’, aimed at promoting the exchange between the two nations in the framework of the celebration, in 2019, of the 500th anniversary of the foundation of Havana.

For his part, Cuba’s ambassador to France, Elio Rodríguez, welcomed the extensive work done by CubaCop in more than two decades, and considered it an example of unconditional friendship and solidarity.