Cuban medical brigade arrived in Qatar to fight Covid-19

Cuban medical brigade arrived in Qatar to fight Covid-19.

HAVANA, Cuba.- A brigade of Cuban health professionals arrived in Qatar to support the fight against Covid-19, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba publishes this Thursday on its web portal.

The collaborators were received by Dr. Mohamed Almarri, executive director of the Cuban Hospital of Dukhan and head of the Focal Point for Cooperation with Cuba to combat Covid-19.

Ambassador Eumelio Caballero Rodríguez and Dr. Ernesto Lopez Cruz, director of the Office of Cuban Medical Services and Focal Point Covid-19, were present on the Cuban side.

In an interview published by Qatar Tribune News Network, Dr. Abdullatif Al Khal, co-chair of the National Pandemic Preparedness, stated on cooperation with Cuba: Qatar asked Cuba to send a number of doctors and nurses to help combat the virus. We have a positive experience with the Cuban Hospital. Cuban doctors are excellent and Cuba is a friendly country, who reached out to Qatar.

Cuban health professionals will begin their work after a brief period of quarantine.


Taken from Cubaminrex web site