Covid-19; Be responsible and stay home

Dr. Jose Angel Portal Miranda, Minister of Public Health. Photo: Cubadebate

HAVANA, Cuba.- The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Jose Angel Portal, reported that at the close yesterday, 61 new patients were confirmed with Covid-19, for a cumulative 457 positive cases, and announced the unfortunate death of a Cuban woman.

Dr. Portal said the deceased patient was 62 years old and resided in the municipality of Moron, in Ciego de Avila, with a history of high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus.

The official pointed out that of those diagnosed with Covid-19 in the country, 400 have a stable clinical evolution, and 10 in critical state and 6 in serious condition are reported.

He noted that thousands 732 patients are admitted, 253 are kept in surveillance and 71 suspects; more than 9,000 are monitored in their homes, from primary health care.

25 Health Workers Confirmed with Covid-19

Among the positive cases in Cuba, there are 25 health workers confirmed with Covid-19, of which 14 are doctors, 8 nurses, 2 technicians and an ambulance driver, Minister of Public Health Jose Angel Portal reported.

The official explained that some of them with extra hospital infection, i.e. they have become ill outside, from contacts with foreigners or confirmed people, others have contracted the virus from the management of patients who did not appear to have coronavirus-linked respiratory disease and some linked to a violation of safety standards.

Dr. Portal said those people have evolved well, and of them only one doctor is in a critical condition.

All of them are among the reported cases, which has not been differentiated within them which are doctors and which are not, he said.

No One Is Exempt from Getting Sick

The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Jose Angel Portal Miranda, said there is an important event at Calixto Garcia Hospital in Havana, where there is a group of people who gave positive to Covid-19.

Dr. Portal assured that the Ministry is working with the Health Directorate of Havana, and emphasized there are all the conditions for closing the event with the protection of patients and their workers, which are being studied.

Likewise, Dr. Portal explained, we had a smaller event at Manuel Fajardo Hospital, also linked to a person who was not suspected of the disease.

The expert said measures have been taken not to enter patients with respiratory symptoms, even if they are not suspected of the disease, and to take them all to the centers where respiratory diseases are being treated.

You Have to Take Care of Yourself and Be Responsible

Minister of Public Health Dr. Jose Angel Portal Miranda conveyed at the press conference the appreciation of all the workers of the sector in Cuba to our people for this great applause every night.

The official stated that every day health workers risk their lives, offer all their knowledge and effort to save lives, and our people have assurance of that, they also leave their families and live exhausting days.

Dr. Portal Miranda emphasized that those working in places with sick people and suspects of Covid-19 do not leave these institutions, as they work with 15-day regimes.

Therefore, we believe that it is not too much to ask to take care of ourselves and to be responsible, the Minister of Public Health said and assured we have the opportunity to curb contagion in the country.

If You Are healthy, Stay Home

The most effective way to prevent infections and save lives has been and continues to be breaking the chain of transmission, and it is only achieved if none of us hide the symptoms, the Minister of Public Health, Jose Angel Portal Miranda emphasized.

The expert stated that if you are healthy, stay at home, as sanitary isolation, estrangement continues to be the best medicine to prevent Covid- 19.

We have to be responsible. There’s no other chance to rectify. This is the opportunity we have, now that we are still in the early stages, the Public Health Minister warned.

Dr. Portal Miranda pointed out that positive cases have been in the category of suspects, i.e. that virtually all cases have been identified from the focus controls; there are very few who have come out spontaneously.

We’ll All Win the Battle

In Cuba there is a strict compliance health legislation and it is not time for beating around the bush, Dr. Jose Angel Portal Miranda, Minister of Public Health insisted in the press conference

He highlighted that citizenship has to respect the law, we are facing a pandemic and that creates a great responsibility that we all have to take on, without any exception.

The Minister of Public Health recognized all health workers, those in Cuba and missions abroad, and medical science students, who in one way or another participate significantly in the control of Covid-19, and the rest of the agencies that are in the confrontation of this pandemic.

Dr. Portal Miranda emphasized that if we all win in discipline, commitment and responsibility, we can win this tough battle.