Machado Ventura ratified confidence in university students.

Machado Ventura ratified confidence in university students.

HAVANA, Cuba. – We are proud of the students we have, their human values, the capacity to be useful and the deep anti-imperialist spirit that accompanies them, second Party Secretary Jose Ramon Machado Ventura at the closing of the Ninth Congress of FEU.

In the presence of the first Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Raul Castro, and Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, Machado Ventura told the university students: You have been able to prove again and again your fidelity to the Party and the Revolution.

He recognized the congress has been a testament to the validity of Fidel’s legacy and highlighted that being faithful to his thinking constitutes the very essence of FEU.

Machado Ventura emphasized that within a few days of the 65th anniversary of the July 26´s feat it is very satisfactory to see university students taking take on projects of economic and social impact with enthusiasm.

From the Brigade, to Raise Commitment

The second Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, praised that the approaches of the Ninth Congress de la FEU from the base show talent, responsibility and confidence in the Revolution.

At the close of the meeting, Machado Ventura said that in a few weeks we will take part in the consultation about the new constitutional text, and as we always hope, university students will be the first to contribute in its improvement with the responsibility characterizing them.

The Second Secretary of the Party expressed the people´s recognition to the young people who multiplied their effort and taught in general education in municipalities with problems in educational coverage.

In the same way, he praised the university professors who have consecrated their lives to training professionals, not only from the academic point of view, but have helped to forge patriotic feelings and human values.

Continuers of the Emancipating Epic of the People

As a token of fidelity to the historical generation, which from a very young age forged the Revolution´s path, the University Student Federation presented at the closing of its Ninth Congress the Alma Mater Award – its highest decoration- to the first Secretary of the Party, Army General Raul Castro, and its second Secretary, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura.

In the presence of both leaders and the Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, student Raul Alejandro Palmero, ratified as head of FEU, highlighted they distinguish Raul because he is an example of inspiration to them become the hornet they are today in defense of Socialism.

As the most loyalist of all Cubans, we recognize the Army General, Palmero said.

He said that Machado Ventura receives the Alma Mater Award for his affection for youth, and to be a tireless worker and a constant example.