Cuba's President reiterates support for China in the fight against coronavirus
HAVANA, Cuba.- The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez reiterated through his official Twitter account the support of the island to the Chinese people in their fight against coronavirus.

Also, the Cuban President praised the drug Interferon Alfa 2B recombinant, produced in Cuba, used in the confrontation with this virus that has caused more than 560 people dead, most in China.

Diaz-Canel wrote on Twitter, “Interferon alpha 2B: The Cuban drug used in China against coronavirus. Our support to the Chinese government and people in their efforts to fight coronavirus.”

The Chinese-Cuban plant, based in the Asian country, produces since the first day of the Lunar New Year the Interferon alpha with the use of Cuban technology, and the Chinese Health Commission has selected that product from those used against coronavirus.