Havana, Cuba.- Dr. Francisco Duran, national director of Epidemiology, reported on Tuesday in Havana that 250 children got sick with coronavirus in Cuba, and 231 are recovered from the disease.

The 19 children still hospitalized have a very favorable progress, Duran said in his usual press briefing about the development of the pandemic in this Caribbean nation.

The doctor pointed out that some 2,123 patients have been recovered from coronavirus, included 10 recoveries in the last few hours.

Dr. Duran informed that 108 cases with the virus are admitted into hospitals, and 107 are clinically stable.

Some 2,148 samples were studied for Covid-19, and three tested positive.

The three new cases -two women and one man- are Cubans. Of those cases, one was contact of a previously confirmed case, and the source of infection in two patients has not been specified.